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A Kung-Fu Master's Journey
Describing 45 years of martial arts experience and the influences that helped shape him, Kung-Fu Grandmaster Allen J. Chinn tells his story. In a time when little was known about the secret art of Kung-Fu, an eight year old searched to find life's lessons in the Chinese martial arts. This book gives insight into his experiences as a martial artist, but also describes what it was like growing up as an Asian American in South Seattle's Beacon Hill. His life experiences and personal thoughts provide the reader an understanding of what makes a 21st century Kung-Fu Grandmaster. Finally, this book demonstrates that if you desire something enough, you can achieve it. The seemingly impossible can become possible.
Kung-Fu Table Tennis
Using his 46 years of knowledge and practical experience, Great Grandmaster Allen J. Chinn has successfully adapted Kung-Fu combat techniques and fighting philosophies to the sport of table tennis.Originally these techniques were used in table tennis play to keep up his Kung-Fu speed, and fine motor skills. Eventually the blending of Kung-Fu and table tennis became a natural innovation. The most popular racket sport in the world now had new strategies based on Kung-Fu philosophies that are centuries old. Whether you're a serious recreational player or a competitive tournament player, Kung-Fu Table Tennis will give you new insight on equipment, techniques and strategies.
Rebirth from the Ashes
Through this short memoir, the author shares his story of stress, tragedy and sorrow and the steps taken to be reborn from the depths of depression.
Bad Cut
When the power of drugs fueled a culture of underground sword fighting, a true hero arises. From the author of A Kung-Fu Master's Journey and Rebirth from the Ashes.
Ladies Fight Back
"Ladies Fight Back" is a book empowering its reader by explaining techniques, knowledge and strategies. These are from a serious Kung-Fu style for serious situations. This book tries to simplify techniques, targets and strategies to give the reader a base knowledge for effective and practical self defense. The author draws from his 47 years of martial arts experience, as well as that many years in the field of firearms.
2012 The Beginning
When the power of greed and corruption created the end of the world as we know it. Follow a family trying to survive the Second Dark Ages.
Combat Master - Sid Woodcock and Detonics
If I told you that there was a person that was one of the early 1940s OSS (Office of Strategic Services) operatives and later worked under contract for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), Atomic Energy Commission, Department of Defense, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Secret Service and the Department of Justice; trained at Shaolin during World War II, trained at the Kodokan in Japan after World War II, was a Grandmaster of Chin Na, 8th Degree Black Belt in Shinobi, instructor of units from the U.S. Army Special Forces and U.S. Navy Seal Teams, taught Bruce Lee joint locking techniques; an expert in firearms and explosives, and a watch maker you would think I was crazy or a liar. Sid was all of these things and more. This book is my memoir of my friend Sid Woodcock and Detonics the gun company he made famous. Sid's background insured that the Detonics Combat Master was a pistol fit for impossible missions. Sid and the pistol that he made famous were indeed Combat Masters.
The Zombie Hunter's Combat Guide
The Zombie Hunter's Combat Guide is a fiction laced with a little humor and actual firearms and weapons facts. There are almost 200 actual photographs in this book! This book is meant for entertainment purposes. It is unlike any other zombie book as it is written by an actual Great Grandmaster of Kung-Fu, that also happens to be an archer and firearms expert.

Areas covered in this book include: The Zombie Hunter's Code, The Zombie Hunter's Responsibility, The Beginning, Zombie Types, Zombie Common Characteristics, Zombie Preparedness, Basics of Proper Zombie Killing, Rules for Zombie Hunting, Types of Combat, Types of Weapons, Accessories and Gear, Weapon Selection Warning, Practical Accuracy, Safety Gear, Vehicles, Survival Supplies, Mindset, Firearm Safety, Zombie Hunting Strategies, Strongholds, Zombie Hunting Realities and the Conclusion.
Five Months a Spartan
FIVE MONTHS A SPARTAN is an inspirational story of how my son's new interest of obstacle course racing became a five month whirlwind obsession. No one does thirteen obstacle course events and numerous volunteer and promotional events in their first five months of competing.

He tested himself with physical challenges that he never imagined. His mental toughness was challenged with each course. Then imagine the elements of extreme heat, snow, or lightning. The five month tour had long driving trips to Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Montana and others.

One never knows what they are truly made of until they are tested beyond their limits. Participating in Spartan Races, Spartan Hurricane Heat, Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash, were indeed great tests of endurance, strength, speed and tenacity.