"A Kung-Fu Master's Journey" Testimonials
A Journal of a Journey
By LadeeFeenix, December 2, 2011
Going into this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. But as I was reading it, I realized more and more the reason the title was what it was. "A Kung Fu Master's Journey" is definitely what this book was about.

Author Allen Chinn spills his heart out in this book, and shares his experiences of the ups, the downs, the changes, that his life has brought him. This book has the ability to create realistic images in the reader's mind, as well as opens the eyes of those who may have never known the world of kung fu.

A great book filled with a variety of experiences, a Journal of a Journey...
Wonderful book
By Edna Elaine, September 25, 2011
Wow, what an amazing journey. In this book the author takes the reader on a fantastic journey through time. We follow the author from the time he was born and grew up in a family of 4 children, continued throughout his adolescence and until his adulthood. We get a great insight into what shaped him and how his interest in martial arts developed from a boy's dream to become a master of Kung-Fu. This is an honest and very well told life story. The book is easy to read, and the author is masterful in his ability to keep the reader's attention. The author is very honest in his presentation and takes the reader on both the ups and downs. This is a great book and it proves that if you really want something bad enough you can get it if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Wonderful!!
A Kung-Fu Master's Journey
By RC, September 15, 2011
I liked the book. It shows that life is a journey with ups and downs and that anything you do takes work and dedication. I was able to learn Kung-Fu from Master Chinn and thought his instruction and philosophy were were great for life.
A Kung-Fu Master's Journey
By Jeff Lewis, July 15, 2011
This book describes a very personal description of how Kung-Fu changed a life and the author's rise to excellence. What's even more heartwarming are the depictions of the author's reaching out to share his expertise through teaching and clubs. The book relates stories featuring his students and other strong influences in his life. It's a great read for Kung-Fu fans as well as for those not as knowledgeable about the art of Kung-Fu.
Enjoyed it thoroughly
By Sean, August 20, 2010
I really enjoyed this very easy to read book. The journey in what we define as ourselves is told very honestly. This book will not teach you a secret death touch or how to easily defeat 5 huge steroid induced attackers. What this book will show you is that life is a journey and to reach high levels work and desire matter. In my opinion, that is more important that killing a man with a secret deadly blow.
Journey and commitment
By Lori, August 12, 2010
Allen's commitment to family and life come alive in this book. His stories gave me new insights of his journey of martial arts and growing up in Seattle. As I read, I could hear Allen telling the stories, and I wanted to hear more! I loved the photos also. I am looking forward to future books from Allen Chinn.
Great Stories, Funny Too!
Chandra, January 27, 2010
I love the way A Kung-Fu Master's Journey is designed. It's not chronological, so you can pick up the book and whichever way the pages fall open, you can read a story that is often humorous and always very real. I didn't know anything about Kung-Fu before reading the book, yet I enjoyed the stories about Allen's life immensely. I can't wait to read about the next leg of the journey!
Charming and enjoyable read!
By Sherri Pelletier, January 12, 2010
Like a tapestry with many small stitches, it is only after much hard work that the true beauty comes forth. This true story of the young son of Chinese immigrants growing up in Seattle is told from the heart; his desire to share in his father's love of hunting, fishing and Kung-Fu. Sharing with us the family traditions woven with American adolescent behaviors. What dedication and strength of purpose it must have taken for him to focus on his art, never allowing his ADD/ADHD to defeat him from reaching his goals. Kudos!
By C. Kelly, January 1, 2010
I admit that I don't know a lot about martial arts other than bits and pieces I've picked up from random friends, television shows, and other pop culture media. But I do know an interesting story when I read one, and once I started reading, I didn't want to put the book down. I find it fascinating to understand what makes people who they are and hear their stories. The story of a piece of Allen Chinn's life, as presented in A Kung-Fu Master's Journey, was, in a word, captivating. I completely recommend this book!
Kung-Fu Master's Journey
By Kregg P.J. Jorgenson
Hollywood gave most of the western world it's introduction to Kung-Fu and while it often relied on myth, magic and a whole lot of special effects it didn't focus on the sweat drenched years of practice, effort and patience it took to find the real art. With Allen Chinn's book you get that rare glimpse of a real Kung-Fu Master's fifty year journey and the no-holds barred on what it took along the way.

More than that you get a look at a proud Chinese-American's life and how it shaped his fighting art; from his Chinese Immigrant parents to the American society that helped shaped him. Besides being a Master of the ancient weapons and traditional techniques Allen Chinn is a master of modern weapons as well giving him a modern world view of the martial aspects to the martial arts. He has taught his system in some of the toughest areas in the city and helped to create a sense of mutual respect that earned quiet nods of appreciation from those in the community. He was instrumental in helping others achieve success in the martial arts and produced a number of tournament champions.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Master Chinn for over 20 years and studying under him to round out my own fighting ability. From that time I came away better appreciating the long term health aspects of Kung-Fu, the forms that offer something for anyone at any age, and the strong family approach that the Chinese Martial Arts offer.

Is this a book for everyone? No, you won't find the hidden secret to becoming an overnight expert. Instead, you'll get a personal look at a Chinese-American's long journey with finding his place in the martial arts and then finding Mastery over the decades that followed.

Chinn, who hosts the World of the Martial Arts in the Seattle area every year for two decades, has been instrumental in getting many different martial arts and fighting systems together in an event that raises money for local community centers. That speaks volumes as well.

Great book with many angles!
This is a great book and it is fascinating with the different angles it covers. This book from the onset seems to be a martial arts related book. BUT this is just one of the many facets it has. It brings up growing up in a Chinese American household, Chinese American family dynamics, growing up as a "regular" child, martial arts experiences, challenges, teachings and thoughts and family values.

This book seems to be a combination of being a memoir and teachings from the author. The 155 pictures are an outstanding addition. The author's writing style is relaxed and personal. It is like he was sitting across from you, telling his story. The book is an inspiration to those with challenges and shows that you can be successful if you have the desire to stay with your dreams.

Kung-Fu Master's Journey
By Alan Trang
It's really hard to come across an amazing teacher. And it's even harder to come across one that can write such an outstanding piece of literature. The writing style that is applied into the book, is very similar to the way that the pictures were chosen... from the heart. Everything about this book displays Great Grand Master Chinn's natural way of being...well... natural. This is not a text book, where the writing style seems forced out of the writer's mind onto the paper. Nor is this a book where it just lays down "How To's". Great Grand Master Chinn's book has the potential for one to grow off of it, as well as have a great time reading it. Kung-Fu Student, Native of Seattle, An American born Chinese... whatever the case or person, I'm willing to bet so much that they will profit and grow from this book. All one has to do is make the right choice, and read it.
Kung-Fu Master's Journey
By Patricia Shur
I was amazed at the dedication and tenacity that he invested into his dreams! This book inspires one to never give up when they are faced with adversity.
"Kung-Fu Table Tennis" Testimonials
Kung-Fu Table Tennis
By Jeff Lewis, July 15, 2011
The book's perspective is from a writer who has achieved excellence in one endeavor (Kung-Fu) and adapted its techniques and mental strategies to another (table tennis). In that respect, the subject is very unique. I spent many hours playing table tennis with the author, and his style of playing is definitely unique and effective. The author and I conversed frequently about adapting aspects of one sport to table tennis, as I did the same as a former intercollegiate tennis player. The descriptions within this book are indeed fascinating.
Strategy And Purpose
By Kregg Jorgenson, September 19, 2010
I'm a little prejudice towards Allen J. Chinn since I've known him for 20 years or so and know what a great martial artist and friend he is. He is truly a Kung-Fu Master in the best sense of the term and I've been fortunate to have chronicled some of his achievements in national and international martial arts publications.

Saying that, let me also add that he's a pretty good table tennis player as well. I say, 'pretty good' because he'll just tell you he's 'okay' until you face off on his on the table and he reveals a 'little' of his talent. I say a 'little' because he's not out to embarrass or shame you so he plays to your ability, all the while offering up better fixes to your game as he plays. Against better opponents he amps up his game and excels...again.

For the ping pong fan this book offers up his strategies on how to become a better table tennis player using Kung-Fu comparisons; from stances and positioning, angles of attack, to the mind set that has helped propel him into the winner's circle.

It's a fun, little book and while the title or concept may initially stun you, it is surprisingly informational and makes good sense during the reading.

Those who do not like metaphors please do not read
By Sean, August 20, 2010
I loved this book. I am not a good table tennis player. However, I am a middling martial artist. I would compare this book to Sun Tzu's Art of War in this way. Table Tennis is used as an allegory to describe how to approach conflict/life. I hesitate to use the word fight. That would be too limiting. The belief that you have to use the tools that best fit your approach or world view is not a cookie cutter that says that power is best or soft is best. It says that use the tools that fit you best and maximize them.
Kung-Fu Table Tennis
An exceptional read. Very informative & detailed. Explained in a way second to none. From the novice to advanced. His writing fashion is understandable. A lot of expert detail. He takes you through everything. The how, when, why, of applying combat & defense into an enjoyable sport. So much information..I'm reading it again because it's so in depth !! Also, good pictures, diagrams, & equipment explanations. 5 stars.
"Rebirth From the Ashes" Testimonials
A True Understanding of Personal Shadow
By LadeeFeenix, December 26, 2011
"Rebirth" is a book that show you some of the ugly truths about life, how things may never seem to be what they are and about the many struggles some people have to go through to try protecting their loved ones from worry. This book gives strength to those that are discreetly concealed with internal pain and frustration, and empathizes with the readers has been through tough journeys to get to their current physical, mental and emotional state. Although there are people that smile and seem joyful everyday, this book reveals the truth about the many dark shadows that may be lurking in a person's heart.

The saying "what doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger" is the ultimate message that I got from reading this book. Also a reminder of how every person has a past and has fallen at some point, but have also risen above those failures to get back on their feet, keeping their strengths and hopes alive. Definitely a great book, a walk back into memory lane, a constant reminder to keep your head up in the present and to look forward into the future.
Allen Chinn does it again!!!
By P. Shur, December 25, 2011
I literally could not put this book down. I was riveted! Allen Chinn shares the deepest part of himself with the reader, and the reader walks away with a whole new perspective of depression. Laced with humor and sweet honesty, this book gave me a new outlook.
A masterpiece.
By Edna Elaine, September 25, 2011
A book that deals with stress, tragedy and sorrow and steps taken to be reborn. This is also a book about failed partner relationships, loss of loved ones and being accused of racism. It focuses on how it is to fall into depression darkness and how difficult it can be to get out. What the author does here is masterful and admirable. Writing this book must have been difficult. On the one hand the author is a Kung-Fu expert who represent the great strength. To tell the whole world that even the strongest can get a depression shows he is a person with great inner strength as well. I'm sure this is a book that can help a lot of people. This is probably the most honest book ever written. A masterpiece from a master.
Taking the right path
By Jmc, July 27, 2011
Allen Chinn's "Rebirth From The Ashes" offers the reader an insightful reflection upon life challenges so many of us face. It explores the crossroads we may take in response to those challenges as we move forward in a positive light with new found knowledge and strength, or the alternative that offers painful anguish and sorrow that can lead to depression. The short stories told in this autobiography provide valuable guidance and wisdom in seeking help when needed and moving past destructive influences in life to find happiness with one's self, family and friendship. Truly a wonderful read.
Rebirth from the Ashes
By Jeff Lewis, July 15, 2011
This book is a gripping description of the author's trials and tribulations in his personal and professional life. Readers will be captivated by the intense revelations of people, places, and things along the author's life journey to date. Readers will love the comparison of the author's recovery to a rising Phoenix. It is a story truly written from the heart.
"Bad Cut" Testimonials
Wonderfully Done!
By D. Shur, December 28, 2011
Wow, what to say? Its simply amazing! He creatively blended the drug wars with a sport involving action, betrayal, treachery, and justice. While reading, I simply could not put this book down. Each chapter led to a climax better than the last chapter. The hero of this story was just amazing.

This author could definitely turn this book into a successful martial arts movie. As a fanatic of the martial arts, I am in awe at how the strikes and blocks each correspond with a form of Kung-Fu. Even the weaponry used is part of Kung-Fu forms.

I recommend this book to not just anybody, but everybody.
Almost Like Readin a Movie Script!!
By LadeeFeenix, December 14, 2011
I'm guessing many wouldn't know much about the craziness of the streets. This book exposes some of the many things that people hear about, but are fortunately enough to not have to personally experience. The book's descriptiveness is so amazing that it makes you feel like you're there!

Author Allen Chinn takes you into a small portion of a street fighter's life in a snow globe of drugs, violence, betrayal and revenge. This book was filled with adventure and suspense, and opens the door to your imagination to the many things that even the daily news wouldn't report in detail!

An amazingly interesting book, a short story someone needs to make into a movie!!
Big screen potential.
By Edna Elaine, September 26, 2011
The author shows through this short story that he is an outstanding fiction writer. The story brings us back to 80 and 90 century Seattle and the huge resurgence of drug-related problems and street fights. The author has masterfully crafted an exciting tale of street battles and heroic deeds and the book exudes a great background knowledge in martial arts and sword fighting. This is an easily read book were the author manages to capture the reader throughout the entire story. The perfect script for the "big screen".
"Ladies Fight Back" Testimonials
Fight back!
By Edna Elaine, September 25, 2011
Assault rape has unfortunately become a "common threat" in society worldwide. This has created a need of knowledge on how to best defend yourself against a possible perpetrator. Ladies Fight Back is an easily read book with lots of illustrative pictures explaining how you can go to the counter-attack on a potential attacker and get away from a dangerous situation. All women should join workshops to learn these self defense techniques and this book should be familiar to all women. This book is another wonderful product of Great Grand Master Allen James Chinn.
"2012 the Beginning" Testimonials
Must have read
By Kaleena, January 7, 2012
Very captivating read. First thing I thought of was how eerily it fit in with the occupy movement going on around the country. I could definitely see this happening. Suspense found on every page. I couldn't put it down. I have recommended this book to all my professors in grad school. This book also gives great incite on crisis survival, gun knowledge, and living off the land. It combines a thrilling tale with real survival tips and facts about our greedy society.
Perfect movie script!!!
By Edna Elaine, October 24, 2011
The first thing that struck me when I read this book was that it would be the perfect movie script. It has a perfect content, and a stunning focal point of a cover. The author gives us a thorough refresher on how corrupt and greedy modern society has become. Cooperation has been pushed aside for selfishness and large differences between ethnic groups means that the society we know today collapsed. The author takes us on a masterful way into the dark age, where we follow a family's struggle to survive. The author shows that he is a highly reflective person and his outstanding knowledge of weapons provides the purest spices effect. Once again the author has created a spellbinding product. A very exciting short story fiction that captures the reader's attention from first to the last page. The reader is left with a slightly creepy feeling when the book is finished reading. "This is something that can happen in reality." This is a book that should be required reading for all government leaders. I am impressed.